Our Process

Hand-selected, hand-cut, hand-polished.

Wearing Jean is personal. Our pieces are a connection to your inner power - a reflection of who you are. There’s an intimacy to this relationship, so we believe that you must be involved in, and aware of, as much of the production process as possible.

We also know that trust comes from transparency. That’s why we want you to understand all the elements of our supply chain, and the fact that Jean stays true to our philosophy and values.

Step 1 - consultation

We guide you through the process of selecting your perfect design and gemstone. From colour to size, we are here to advise you at any stage of the process, for even the tiniest of details.

Step 2 - gemstone sourcing

Once you have placed your order online, we will send you a confirmation email and then we hand-select your perfect gemstone.

Step 3 - cutting & polishing

Your personally selected gemstone will then be hand-cut and hand-polished to perfection by our expert partners in Sri Lanka.

Step 4 - setting

The stone is then passed onto one of our goldsmith partners who will set the stone into your chosen design.

Step 5 - quality control

Your finished piece then goes through a meticulous quality control process in London where it is also polished and plated before being checked again and shipped.

Step 6 - shipping

We will be in touch with tracking as soon as your piece is ready to be shipped. We usually advise 2-4 weeks for your piece to arrive, unless we have it in stock, but most of our jewellery is handmade to order.

We aim to improve every day. So we’d be happy to hear your feedback on how to make our process even better.