Our Mission

Ethical action. Sustainable change.

Our mission is more than a strapline. It is purposeful and tangible - a core objective determining everything we do.

Jean is driven to redefine industry standards, by promoting a more sustainable and ethical way of creating jewellery.

We advocate craft over commercialism. People over profits. And ethics over ulterior agendas.

‘At Jean we are determined to pioneer a radical change in the jewellery industry. The industry needs to collectively put an end to fast fashion and focus on making forever pieces, paying the entire supply chain fairly and making sure every single decision is a conscious one.’

— Hannah Mossman Moore

How is Jean Sustainable?

Sustainability is an ethos – a way of thinking that shapes all of our processes and designs.

We define sustainability in terms responsibility, equality, humanity and longevity.

Every stone is responsibly sourced, every person is fairly paid, every mining partner is ethical and sustainable and every piece is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

All of the miners at Beatrice’s mine are shareholders of the stones they pull from the ground. In fact, our Sri Lankan mining community partners look after each other like one big family. They also have a respect for nature, caring for the animals and maintaining the local eco systems.